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The Amazon GTIN eligibility process

What is GTIN Exemption :

GTIN Exemption stands for “Global Trade Item Number”. It’s a unique code that identifies products in the global marketplace.

Why GTIN is Important :

GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is important for Amazon because it helps in product identification and listing accuracy. When a product has a valid GTIN, it ensures that the product is uniquely identified, making it easier for customers to find and purchase.

How to eligible for GTIN on Amazon :
Amazon has criteria for GTIN exemption. If your products meet the demand then you will be able to apply for GTIN exemption. To apply for a GTIN exemption you need to provide all information of your product in detail with images.

How to Apply for GTIN Exemption :

To apply for GTIN exemption following steps are required and all these steps are very easy. Eclete will help step by step to apply for GTIN exemption :

First Step : Open your seller central and then go to the left top corner and open the “Menu” as shown in image :

Step 2 : Then we see all option in menu bar and select first option that is “catalogue” :

Step 3 : After selecting the catalogue option, all the option about listing is opened then we select option that is “ Add Product “ as shown in image :

Step 4 : when we click on “ Add Product “ the next page will open on screen as you see in image. Then we click on “ I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon “

Step 5 : when we select “ I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon “ then next page will opened as shown in image :

Step 6 : when the next page is opened then we want to provide details about the product like Title, after submission of title amazon ask us to choose a “Product type“ then click on confirm button

Step 7 :  After confirming the “product type” the other slots will open. In the first option, we need to add our product category. You can also check your product category on amazon. In the second option,  we add approved brand name if your band name is not approved by amazon then you can check our previous blog in which we guide step by step *where we have guided you step by step that *
“How to get brand name approval”  and here’s the link of our blog and in the third option click on the button “I don’t have a Product ID”

Step 8: After this you see that amazon gives an option to apply for ‘UPC Exemption Required’ as shown in image, click on “Apply to Sell”

Step 9 : After clicking on Apply to Sell the next page will be opened on your screen as shown in image : 

Step 10 : In this page we add our “product name” after adding name of product then scroll down and read all documents and click on points to sure that you have read all the requirements in second phase you see that amazon asks us to “Drop file Here” in this option we add at least 3 to 4 images in which our brand name is shown properly on our product and in third option we enter our mail and phone number.

Step 11: In the last step kindly check again all the documents, images, email and phone number to make sure that all the data is correct after confirming then submit this sheet.

Results :  After submitting this form we will receive a reply within 24 to 48 hours by amazon. If amazon will decline our request then do the same process 3 to 4 times.